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Why ear wax is created and how it serves our auditory system ?

As some may think, ear wax is not a sign of poor personal hygiene nor is it dirty. It is, instead, a substance secreted by special glands called ceruminous glands located in the external auditory canal and has a protective function. In fact, ear wax prevents the deposit of foreign particles (like dust) in the auditory system, capturing them due to its viscous nature. Through microscopic microcilia, this substance is transported to the outside of the ear, where it can be removed without difficulty.

Ear Wax Removal Treatment

It is often our cleaning attempts that cause problems

The continuing pressure with cotton buds alters the natural movement of microcilia and pushes the ear wax closest to the eardrum and damages it. Daily cleaning of the outer part of the ear canal with a tissue is generally sufficient to maintain proper hygiene. The highly annoying CAP can occur after a bath, a shower or a swim. Because it absords water, ear wax becomes softer and, once dried, it solidifies, creating a sort of plug that blocks the external ear canal, making it harder to perceive sounds.

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