How Microsuction works and safety measures

Microsuction is the most modern, advanced, safest, and pain-free form of ear wax removal.

The ideal miscrocustion procedure is carried out with a high-grade surgical microscope to illuminate the ear and magnify the canal and ear drum, so that the ear care practitioner can observe each and every part of the outer ear in high definition.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction can also be performed safely and effectively with a low-pressure suction ENT device which is hygienic, efficient and safe.

Both methods of microsuction are sufficiently advanced as to allow, in the dexterous grip of an experienced practitioner, the safe removal of wax which is stuck to the ear drum.

By carrying out microsuction ear wax removal, most impacted wax can be removed first time and without pain. A second appointment is rarely necessary.

Ear Canal Microsuction

Using sterile, single-use-only equipment, the procedure is also completely safe and carries no risk of infection. It doesn't take very long either – anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes per ear.

Infection and foreign body removal can also be carried out using the microsuction technique, but these conditions could require a second appointment.

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