Mimikaki Wax Removal

How Mimikaki Manual Wax Removal works and safety measures

The ancient Egyptians, who brought us clocks, written language, the domestication of cats and dogs, paper and calendars, also led the way when it came to ear wax, using an assortment of weird and wonderful ingredients to assist in its removal from the ear canal, such as the crushed heads of male bats, cat’s blood, pig’s fat and Cypress tree oil!

Several millennia later, the next evolution in ear wax removal treatment took place in Japan, with the development of a small scoop or hook (normally made from bamboo) called the ‘mimikaki’.

In recent times, Mimikaki parlours have proliferated in Tokyo and other big cities due to the passing of a law that de-classified ear wax removal as a medical procedure, thereby opening up ear cleaning as a profession to all.

The mimikaki ear pick is used to scrape excess wax out of the ear

And, in a parlour, is accompanied by tea and massage, making it an experience that is considered a form of relaxation in Japan.

The ear picks can be purchased here in the UK, however, putting anything in your own ear, or letting anyone who isn’t an audiologist or a suitably trained nurse do so, is ill advised.

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